Glossary of Terms

Historical maximum enrollment:

We determined historical maximum enrollment for each school and site by reviewing enrollment records maintained by the California Department of Education. A site's historical maximum enrollment represents the highest number of students to attend school on the site since the 1999-2000 school year. 

Estimated excess capacity:

We calculated the estimated excess capacity for each site by finding the difference between a site’s current enrollment and its historical maximum enrollment. This number represents only an estimate of the current number of vacant seats, as we did not consider possible changes in a site’s facilities over time (e.g. new construction, addition or removal of portables, facilities falling into disrepair).

Co-located schools:

We define a co-located school to be a school that is located on the same campus or site as at least one other school. Generally, co-located schools each have exclusive use of some classrooms, offices, and possibly some other space on the site. They also often share facilities such as gyms, cafeterias, and athletic fields.

SB740 program:

The SB740 program is a state program overseen by the California School Finance Authority through which charter schools can receive funding for their facilities. Generally, the program is open to charters schools that are leasing facilities from private (non-district) entities, with some exceptions. Visit the CSFA website for a complete description. All charter schools with between 55% and 100% of pupils qualifying for free and reduced price lunch or that are in the attendance areas of district elementary schools in which 55% to 100% of students qualify for FRPM are eligible to receive an amount of up to $1117 per unit of average daily attendance or 75% of the annual facilities rent and lease costs, whichever is less.