Find a School allows you to search for schools near one your child already attends.The table on the right provides a peak into the academic performance of the nearby schools.

If you have questions about what the numbers mean, please click here to find out more about CCSA’s Academic Accountability Criteria.

Instructions: Use the first drop down to select a school that your child currently attends or is near your home. You can adjust the size of your search by typing a new distance in miles. Use the final drop down to select the grade ranges most relevant to you and your family.

Performance data shown are for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years and reflect CDE data released 09/29/18. DFS growth and State Rank estimated until the CDE Accountability Dashboard is released in December. 2018 A-G rates and graduation rates will also be available in December.

Printing instructions: 
Click the Download button on the bottom right of the frame, then click PDF.  Select the following options:

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Scaling: Automatic
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